Florida Villa or Hotel? Part One – A Villa

Florida Villa or Hotel? Part One – A Villa

This has always been one of the basic questions for when booking your Florida holiday but it is very common for people to assume a hotel and go from there but there are very different experiences to be held from a Florida holiday depending on the choice of accommodation and so it should be thought about. A villa holiday is not a common option in many places in the World as hotels are always seen as the way to go to minimise effort and maximise relaxation and this does not change in Florida, BUT, a Florida holiday is not generally about lying down and doing nothing and so the experience is different. There are pros and cons of both options and we are firmly in one camp when it comes to our personal choice but everyone’s experience and requirements are different and so
here we list down what we see as the pros and cons of a Florida villa and in the next post we will look at the benefits of a Florida Hotel Holiday.

Florida Villa Holiday

This, as you may see from other posts, is clearly our favourite and so will share out the reasoning for this. We have been to Florida a number of times of the last 15 years and every time we have stayed in a villa and so must admit to having not stayed in a hotel. The first time we went was as a family holiday at the age of 17 and with the parents in charge of the 6 of us for 2 weeks and we had a 3 bed villa booked since then we have had villas of different sizes in different locations and loved them all.

The main reason for a villa for us is personal space. Florida is a very warm, busy place and after days of busy time at theme parks and water parks in the heat and queuing then once we leave we always want to get home to a quite house with a swimming pool and so the thoughts has also been that if staying in a hotel then you have your room as private space but that is about it.

Children – Children in Florida, more for us in more recent years is something that needs managing on holiday and so when our children were smaller and still now as they get older one thing we have always tried to do is keep the days routine more or less and so this meant sensible bedtimes. The days in Florida are warm and long and so lots of sleep are needed for the smaller guys and so the villa allows them to have their own room, in the quite and we still have a house, a pool, a lounge etc for the for the rest of the evening, in hotel we would feel we were stuck in the room.

The benefits also of a villa are that you have some of the home benefits such as washing machines if running out of clothes or those kids insist on throwing ice cream down their front every day. There are different ways of booking a villa but if you book a villa direct from the owner then you know the exact villa and so if there is a big pool, a hot tub, a games room, computer games and lots of things to help make your holiday as great as you can. We always enjoy also have a house larger than our own in the UK and enjoy the space.

This decision will, of course, have downsides as well, of course, such as you are potentially going to have to make your own food. There is the very real need to hire a car which you may not need if you want to stay at a hotel.

I think each time we go to Florida we will continue to have a villa as our preference for a villa holiday but there are a number of benefits of a Florida hotel holiday and we still want to book some time in a hotel when we are there as there are some truly amazing hotels in Florida and so we will cover off some information about them in the next post!

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