Florida Villa or Hotel? Part Two – A Hotel

Florida Villa or Hotel? Part Two – A Hotel

There is an amazing selection of hotels in Florida, one of the first decisions of booking the Florida holiday is deciding if you want to stay in a villa or a hotel. The Florida holiday is so different to many other holidays and so the decision is made much harder, there is the villa for a more set back holiday and a chance to escape the crowds but for those that want to be lost in the experience for the whole holiday there are some of the most amazing hotels in the sunshine state. This is the second of 2 articles covering the hotel or villa decision, the post on Florida villa benefits covers the advantages of space but negatives of needing a car and so here we can see the benefits staying in a hotel, whether it be a Disney hotel or a hotel on International Drive.

There is such a selection of hotels in Florida that once you decide between villa and hotel then there is still a lot of decisions as there is such selection. There are the mighty hotels of Disney which offer some amazing experiences such as the Grand Floridian on the banks of the lake next to the entrance of the Magic Kingdom and the amazing Wilderness Lodge next to Animal Kingdom overlooking the animals in the grounds.

The first decision is that of hotel and villa! We have covered the benefits and issues of a villa stay and so here we cover off the Florida hotel experience.

We have all stayed in a hotel at some time or another and so are aware of the hotel experience but things are a bit different in Florida as they do things a bit differently in Florida as when you mix Disney experience and the US of A this means things will be big and done 110% and so the experience will be amazing.

A hotel stay offers you the benefit of being able to just sit back and relax the holiday away, the hotels of Florida will offer you some of the largest pools you have seen to relax in and the wonderful benefit of someone coming into your room each day and tidying so that you can get on with playing and having fun. If you are staying in a Disney hotel then this comes with a number of benefits such as the ability to buy items in the Disney locations and Disney will deliver the items to your room so that you do not have to carry them around!

Another very useful little benefit of a Disney room is the auto-enrollment into having a magic band which works as your ticket into the parks but also means that when you are in the parks you can charge all items to your room so that you do not need to carry cash. The benefit is the absence of the wallet has to be a careful one as otherwise a sizeable hotel bill will be found at the end of the holiday.

Transportation in Florida is very organised for the tourist and so for those choosing to stay in a hotel there is the option of not needing to hire a car as for those staying in a Disney hotel there is a Disney transportation system that will take you to any Disney parks as well as getting into other main Florida locations such as International Drive. For those staying at a hotel on International Drive there is also a 24-hour tram service that runs up and down the drive as well, of course, the Disney buses to take you to Disney. If you are wanting to visit Busch Gardens or the Kennedy Space Centre on the Florida coast there are regular buses run to those locations also.

Hotels offer you food and activities on demand and so if wanting to be fully immersed in the Florida experience the hotels of the state can offer something a bit special and that is what Florida is all about.

The decision we often see as being either that of a home experience but in the warmth of Florida and with a swimming pool, or cut and buzz of Florida 24/7. What will be your preference?

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